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SpaceTrace is a completely free real time strategy game set in a 3-dimensional simulated galaxy. The goal of the game is to gain points by defeating other players in battle and colonising planets.

You can research new ship-types with special abilities to customize your fleets and gain superiority over your enemies.
Form alliances to gain strength in numbers or play as a pirate to hunt other players for score.

If you like strategy, you will love Spacetrace.
the c-cannon-platform
an enormous cannon, that can be enforced with extra modules
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latest action in space: wormhole opening

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15.02.2015: conquer
colony conquered Unholy Land Of Spirits
by Tionini of Kelinulig

13.02.2015: terraformer
terraformer build on Paulus XXVI
by Tionini of Kelinulig

13.02.2015: foundation
colony founded on Paulus XXVI
by Tionini of Kelinulig

11.02.2015: terraformer
terraformer build on Ransack Dod

11.02.2015: foundation
colony founded on Ransack Dod

10.02.2015: conquer
colony conquered Almudena Lexotique
by Tionini of Kelinulig

10.02.2015: conquer
colony conquered Nippersworld
by Tionini of Kelinulig

09.02.2015: conquer
colony conquered Paulus Undecimus
by Tionini of Kelinulig
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